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Moteo® is a PC software application that offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for call handling. Moteo® runs on a standard PC/Laptop and is used together with a GSM/3G mobile phone.

Moteo® as a Switchboard Attendant is a mobile phone solution of tomorrow and a key component in any wireless office solution. Except from making and receiving calls Moteo® also offers features like call transfer, switch between calls, conference calls, group SMS and voice mail control tool. Moteo® handles the company’s incoming calls more efficiently since any employee can take the role of an attendant. By using functionality for distribution of incoming calls queues and busy lines can be kept to a minimum.

Moteo® offers many advantages such as:

Mobile operators can choose to sell Moteo® using Exsero’s Moteo® brand, but Exsero can also offer OEM branding of the product (see Benefits for Mobile Operators).


Moteo® - Benefits for Mobile Operators

Present days, one of the major challenges for mobile operators is the battle for the business customers. Mobile operators worldwide launch their own concepts for attracting the business customers – so called Mobile Office, Wireless Office, One Phone, Mobile Centrex, etc.

One part in these concepts is the ability to substitute the need for fixed PBX/Centrex solutions.

Our experience tells us that the current Centrex solutions in practice offer too expensive Switchboard Attendant solutions for the Small and Medium sized enterprises with less than 50 employees.

Exsero’s Moteo® is targeting this segment and provides a proven set of features and a more modern approach to enterprise telephony.

Moteo® provides the following benefits for the mobile operators:


Moteo® - Benefits For Vendors

Moteo® provides the following benefits for you as a vendor of Mobile Centrex solutions: